For Sponsors

Thank you for your interest in supporting the future of FoRB!

“To get the best long-term results the foundation should not only provide grants to help competent men do their best work, but should also seek to increase the supply of competent men.”

—1949 Ford Foundation Report

We’re looking for sponsors who want to partner together in the ongoing effort to 1) increase and expand, 2) connect and collaborate, and 3) support and sustain young people in joining the FoRB movement. 

Being a virtual event, fortunately the Global Youth Summit has few expenses. But this is about building a movement, not just an event.

We anticipate that the summit will generate new projects, podcasts, social media pages, and even new organizations, while also advancing existing projects. So funds raised beyond what is required for the event will be strategically gifted to youth-led projects, with the First Freedom Foundation’s incubator/accelerator program supporting the budding social entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs along their path.

Asks of Sponsors

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