About Open Space

“An all day coffee break with a theme” -Harrison Owen

Open Space Technology is a powerful system for organizing large groups of people with a shared goal. It fosters a dynamic, participant-led gathering where participants create their own agenda, self-select into subgroups to engage in interactive conversations, and then share summaries of their conversations with the full group. This proven approach has been used over 60,000 times in 140 countries, including at NASA and Google Ventures. Its participatory nature makes it an ideal tool for achieving the goals of the summit. It is also well-suited to virtual events.

During the summit, any participant can initiate discussions on any topic related to FoRB, whether it’s an idea, opportunity, or threat. Each topic will be given a specific time and a virtual breakout room for in-depth conversation. Discussion leaders are responsible for providing a written summary of the conversation, or designating someone else to do it. This is what makes Open Space so impactful–real freedom, and real responsibility.

A unique feature of Open Space is the “law of two feet” which encourages participants to move from one conversation to another if they feel that they are neither learning nor contributing. This responsibility promotes a culture of active engagement and also facilitates the cross-pollination of ideas. And unlike conferences with long monologues from big stages, the dialogue facilitated by Open Space naturally transitions from information-sharing to action-planning. Discussion leaders own responsibility for their topics and are connected with self-selected individuals who are eager to move from learning information to helping to make a difference.

By providing a platform where all ideas and perspectives are given an equal opportunity to be heard, and where young people and mentors are not separated by a podium, but rather united by a common goal, the Global Youth Summit for FoRB will be a catalyst for youth empowerment, paving the way for a more inclusive and impactful future.






“Without Passion, Nobody Is Interested.
Without Responsibility, Nothing Will Get Done.”
Harrison Owen
Creator of Open Space